Putting a Spotlight on Heart Failure

Heart failure accounts for about
RM785 million in economic cost3.

The Burden of Heart Failure

Heart failure is a growing problem both locally and globally.



of global hospital admissions every year is contributed by heart failure1.




of Malaysian patients are readmitted within 30 days2.




of Malaysian patients are readmitted within 1 year2.



is the estimated economic cost of heart failure in 20123
*including direct costs at RM48.7 million and indirect costs at RM740 million.



patient with heart failure is readmitted to the hospital within just 30 days3
*making heart failure a major cause for hospital readmissions.

This can put a huge strain on a society and its healthcare system, and presents a real need to try and reduce the number of associated hospital admissions.

Let’s Challenge Heart Failure, Together

Clearly, there is lots to be done to reduce the prevalence and burden of heart failure in Malaysia and globally. This will take a collective effort from individuals, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and organisations.

The Spotlight on Heart Failure campaign is a joint effort between the National Heart Association of Malaysia (NHAM) and AstraZeneca Malaysia, to increase the awareness and understanding of heart failure among Malaysians, especially patients and high risk groups.

Knowledge is power! We encourage you to learn more about heart failure here or by discussing with your doctor if you think that you might be at risk.

Together, we can help change the outlook for millions of people affected by heart failure.


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